Coalition Forces withdraw all troops from Sarrin Base

Coalition forces withdrew the last group of soldiers who are stationed in Sarrin base, evacuating the largest base in the whole of northeastern Syria.

A military source told Hawar news agency ANHA that the last group of Coalition Forces, numbering about 50 soldiers, withdrew from the base of Sarrin south of the city of Kobani in northern Syria.

The source said that five Russian armored vehicles entered the base after the complete withdrawal of Coalition Forces.

The evacuation of the base began days ago, and yesterday withdrew a large group of soldiers, armor and equipment from the base.

Cargo aircraft participated in the evacuation of the base yesterday, with air cover of warplanes and drones.

This comes, according to statements by officials in the United States of America, which leads the coalition, in the framework of the redeployment by the coalition forces in the areas of northeastern Syria, where the new deployment is taking place in the oil-rich areas of northeastern Syria.






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