Clashes erupted in Tal-Tamr countryside, shelling continues

In the meantime, strong clashes erupted in the outskirt of the villages of "Daudiaya, Arisha", and hamlets Isha and Gabro, after the Syriac Military Council's response to attacks by the Turkish occupation army, while the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue to bombard the area and archaeological sites.

According to ANHA agency reporter that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries from Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS continue to launch attacks and shelling villages "Daudiaya, Arisha", and hamlets Isha and Gabro, in the countryside of Tel Tamr district of Al-Jazeera region.

Our correspondent explained that the fighters of the Syriac Military Council are responding to these attacks, and violent clashes took place in the meantime in the outskirt of those villages and hamlets.

Our correspondent said that the villages of Tal Tawil and Tal Kif belonging to the countryside of Tal Tamr and the archaeological sites in the area are being brutally bombed, and that these villages are inhabited by Assyrians, Kurds and Arabs, and that there is a danger to the lives of civilians in those villages.







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