Clashes among mercenaries of Turkey south of Jrablos

Clashes erupted in Jrablos city between 2 mercenaries factions of the Turkish occupation, resulted in wounding and dead.

Private sources told ANHA that violent clashes erupted between two factions of the Turkish occupatiuon south of Jrablos.

The source said that the "Kitaib Thewar al-Shiekh" of the "Liwa al-SHemal" faction clashed with a group of "Jemat Abu al-Bera al-Seriri" and " al-Jisat clan of the "Kitaib al-Jabha al-Shamiya mercenaries" resulted in dead and wounded(1 dead and 3 wounded) of "Jemat Abu al-Bera al-Seriri" faction.

The source said that the clashes took place in al-Shitan village(3 Km away South Jerboas).

The Syrian areas, which are being occupied by Turkey, start from Jrablos and even Afrin and Idlib with a state of security chaos and clashes between the mercenaries. They often fight for the distribution of power and money and the spoils they steal from the theft, kidnapping and extortion of civilians.



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