Clans' notables: external hands are responsible for what happening in Deir ez-Zor

The notables and sheikhs of Deir-ez-Zor clans have denounced the actions practiced by some of the children of Deir-ez-Zor and some of sleeper cells exploited the event to sow discord between the people in the area, under pretexts to improve of the living conditions in in Deir-ez-Zor countryside.

At the beginning of the month, some parts of eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor have witnessed chaos where some of the sleeper cells exploited the lack of the fuel in the area trying to spread sedition among the people of the area by urging them to take part in demonstrations with sectarian slogans.

In this regard, our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA) has met with a number of clans' notables and sheikhs of Deir ez-Zor, who asserted that the acts in the countryside "took place by the sleeper cells in order to hit the security and stability of the area after its liberation by the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces from Daesh mercenaries."

The notable of al-Manaserah clan, Khaled Khalil al-Muzzar said, "We have heard the demands of the people of fuel and service matters and transferred them to the Civil Administration. We also contacted with the Civil Administration, and the demands have already been met at maximum velocity and all the needs have been secured, but after meeting those demands, we have been surprised by individual actions by a number of the people of the region, as the roads were blocked, and the demonstrations and these actions are instigations by sleeper cells."

Nuri al-Jassem, one of the notables of al-Bagara clan said, "The shortage of fuel in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor occurred because of sleeper cells that worked on smuggling oil to create chaos and fabricate this distress, and the work was planned for, so we asked the Civil Administration in Deir ez-Zor to provide fuel, and it has already responded to our demands."

Deham al-Ibrahim, the sheikh of al-Obeid clan said that the recent riots, demonstrations and roadblocks were not only the actions of the people of Deir ez-Zor countryside, but they had foreign hands aimed at spreading sedition in the region, and added "A good example of this is the racist slogans they carried, which were not uttered by any of our people."



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