​​​​​​​Citizens: want to know leader, Ocalan situation

 People of Al Derbasia district called on  the human rights organization, to reveal the health status of the leader Abdullah Ocalan after a fire  broke out on the island of Imrali, and they stressed that they will continue to fight and resist until the status of the leader.

A fire broke out on the island of Imrali on Thursday, where Ocalan is being held.

The residents called on the Turkish authorities to reveal the reality  of the Leader, Ocalan's situation and allow his lawyer and family to meet with him.

 "The fire that broke out on the Island of Imrali is a continuation of the plot that took place against Ocalan in 1999 on February 15, because by arresting the leader they could not obscure his idea and philosophy. The fire that broke out on the island of Imrali is fabricated,"  Noura Muhammed, a citizen.

Muhammed appealed on all human rights and  humanitarian organizations to press Turkey to reveal the  truth about  Ocalan's status and allow his lawyer to meet with him.

 "We don't know anything about the health of the leader, Abdallah Ocalan. So we are very concerned about the commander and we know that Turkey started the fire with precedents,"  Mohammed Sheikhmus, a resident of Derbasiya said.

 For her part, Wissam Osman appealed to the international community to act and contribute to the delivery of information on the status of Ocalan. A.J



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