Cell of ISIS arrested in al-Tabqa, al-Raqqa

The Internal Security Forces (ISF) arrested a cell of Daesh mercenaries carried out 14 crimes in al-Tabqa and al-Raqqa.

After elimination of Daesh mercenaries in its last stronghold in al-Baghouz on March 24, by the SDF, the mercenaries followed new tactics by the sleeper cells in the region, and carried out a lot of operations as the detonation and assassinations in the area of North and East of Syria.

In the framework of the second stage of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Internal Security Forces(ISF) aiming to defeat the mercenaries in the region, the last of which was arresting a cell of 6 members of Daesh.

The cell was the responsible of 14 operations of assassination and killing against the Syrian Democratic Forces and the elements of the ISF and notables in al-Raqqa and al-Tabqa in addition to the assassination the head of the Conciliation Council head of the clans in al-Tabqa Abdullah al-Modahi (Abu Mohammed al-Edwani) by a pistol with silencer on April 24.

The cell headed by Abed al-Rehman(Abu Mohammed al-Homsi) revealed how they brought the explosive devices and how they planned to carry out the attacks and the assassinations operations.



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