Bakr Alo: Turkish occupation tries to cut Syrian lands, government is silent

The Autonomous Administration of Afrin region called on the international and human rights organizations to intervene immediately to stop violations of the Turkish occupation against the occupied canton of Afrin and prevent Turkey from deducting parts of the Syrian lands, explaining that the violations are taking place and the Syrian government is silent.

During an interview held by our agency (ANHA) with the co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration in Afrin region Bakr Alo, he stressed that the Turkish occupation is trying to deduct parts of the Syrian lands and annex them to Turkey as did with Iskenderun previously.

Bakr Alo said at the beginning of his speech that the Turkish occupation has recently moved more into the Syrian territories, changing the location of the borderline between Syria and Turkey, and pushing it forward into the Syrian depth with a distance of one kilometer in the villages of Bulbul and Rajo districts in Afrin occupied canton.

Alo pointed out that last year, the Turkish occupation attempted to build the separation wall in the villages of Sherawa district that extends from the Samaan Castle to Bab Al-Salama crossing border in Azaz area with the aim of separating Afrin from the rest of the Syrian territory.

Alo stressed that the Turkish occupation resettles Turkmen families, families from al-Ghouta and other areas of Syria in the border villages of the occupied Afrin, issuing false documents and records that they are Turkmen families from the region.

We are afraid of repeating the scenario of Iskenderun

Alo expressed their fear of Turkey repeating the scenario of Iskenderun in 1939, when it was taken over by Turkey.

He continued: "We are afraid of the repeated scenario of Iskenderun and the annexation of parts of the Syrian lands to Turkey, especially Afrin."

He noted in his speech that "the history of the Ottoman occupation is known to everyone and this is not new for Turkey which seeks to restore the ambitions of its Ottoman ancestors to conquer the world again."

Violations are being practiced and the Syrian government is silent

Alo clarified that all these violations are taking place, while the Syrian government and international organizations have not acted. The international community should intervene to stop the hostilities against the Syrian lands, especially the occupied Afrin.

Alo mentioned that the Turkish occupation struck the Syrian fabric by creating strife among all the components present in Syria, including Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians and Syriacs, and this happened when the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries launched their aggression against Afrin and areas in north and east of Syria.

Bakr Alo said that the Turkish occupation primarily targets the democratic nation's project which embraced all components in northern and eastern Syria.

 He concluded: "The Turkish occupation was not satisfied with that, as it interfered in the Libyan, Somali and Yemeni affairs and sent Syrian mercenaries to Libya to fight there to destabilize the security of the region."


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