At Al-Hol camp ... child trained on slaughtering

Women of ISIS mercenaries in Al-Hol camp continue to try to perpetuate terrorism and extremism by teaching their young slaughtering, as shown in a video clip that arrived at our agency, which shows how to accustom the child to seeing blood in the most dangerous camp in the world.

In the video, obtained by our agency correspondent "ANHA" from Al-Hol camp, east of Al-Al-Hasakah, a small child who is only a few years old is pushed by an ISIS woman in an attempt to get him used to slaughtering and seeing blood.

The video shows that a child of foreign nationality, according to what his features indicate, slaughtered the lamb with a knife that he could barely carry it, while the ISIS women and a group of children gathered around it in the section on the families of ISIS foreign mercenaries known as "migrant women" in the camp.

The security forces indicated that ISIS women continue to organize themselveswhenever it is possible in the form of groups to train children within the tents on ISIS ideology and ideas.

These practices perpetrated by ISIS bearers are not the first of their kind, as mercenaries have tried to create their own curricula to devote to how terrorism and slaughtering children are.

ISIS mercenaries had earlier learnt their children to read using images of weapons, incitement to killing and violence, and early child plundering of their innocence.

Al-Hol camp is considered one of the most dangerous camps in the world, as it hosts more than 30 thousand people from ISIS mercenary families, due to the extremist ideology entrenched in the minds of these families of killing, slaughtering, whipping and burning anyone trying to abandon these ideas.

Al-Hol camp is located 45 km east of Al-Hasahah, and alongside ISIS mercenary families, it is inhabited by more than 73 thousand Iraqi refugees and displaced Syrians, and it is the largest of the camps in the northeast of Syria.

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