As Karabakh ceasefire goes into effect accusations exchanged

The third ceasefire about Karabakh that was announced yesterday in Washington is to breakdown just as it goes into effect where  two sides of the struggle exchanged accusations to have breached it.

Today, Armenia said that the Azerbaijani side has launched artillery fires on the north-eastern fighting sites of the Artsakh Army, around 8:45 today morning. 

While Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, stressed in a tweet that his country clings to preserve the ceasefire properly as it was agreed upon in Washington.

From it's part, Azerbaijan accused Armenia of ''flagrant violation'' of the ceasefire in the Karabakh region, that was denied by Armenia. 

Yesterday evening the U.S. State Department announced that Armenia and Azerbaijan have pledged anew to abide, as on Monday, by '' a humanitarian ceasefire'' in the region of Karabakh, after negotiations in Washington.  

Lately, the two sides reached two Russian – brokered ceasefire agreements but the Turkish pressure on Azerbaijan led to failure of the two agreements.



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