Artists demand from IGOs to put pressure on Turkey to disclose Ocalan's health status

Artists of north and east Syria stressed the need for international organizations to put pressure on Turkey to disclose Ocalan health's status, and to release all politicians and opponents, in light of the outbreak of the coronavirus in Turkish jails.

After discovering several cases of coronavirus outbreak in Turkish jails, and increasing the number of the infected people in Turkey, concerns emerged by Kurdish people on Ocalan's health status, where Turkish authorities prevent his lawyers and family to meet him through direct visit or phone, refuses to make any statement about his health despite each family has the right to reveal the health status of their members.

The co-chair of the Mizbutamia Movement for Culture and Democratic Art in North and East Syria, Ahmed Çetelê, explained that most countries have released their detainees, in order to stave off the outbreak of the Coronavirus emerging between them, because it poses a great danger to their lives, and pointed out that Turkey has released the heads of gangs, mafia and thieves only, as for politicians and opponents of Erdogan's government kept them in prison, which poses a great danger to their lives.

Çetelê explained that knowing the health status of any detainee is a basic right of every family, but Turkey does not allow the family and lawyer of leader Abdullah Ocalan to be reassured about his health in light of the outbreak of the coronavirus in Turkish prisons.

He called on international organizations defending human rights to put pressure on Turkey to know Abdullah Ocalan's health status, which represents the will of the oppressed peoples and demanding freedom, in addition to the release of all politicians and opponents of the government of AKP."

Artist Nisreen Butan denounced the Turkish authorities 'practices against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and said: "He is the leader of humanity."



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