​​​​​​​Araj rules out possibility of Turkish attack without Russia and America green light

The Secretary-General of the Syrian National Democratic Coalition, Ahmed Araj, ruled out any new Turkish attack on northern and eastern Syria without Russian - American approval.

The observers of the field situation in Syria's Idlib obviously show the extent of the Russian-Turkish competition to control but if the regional view is changed with the international concerning the places of joint conflicts, the extent of the geostrategic exchanges and understandings become evident on the ground between Turkey and Russia.

This is what the Secretary-General of the Syrian National Democratic Alliance Party, Ahmed Aaraj, explained during an interview with about the recent development Idlib. Araj noted that the political situation in Syria has been postponed indefinitely due to a stalemate in the political solution, both by the Syrian government or the "opposition".

The competition part in restructuring"

Araj indicated that if the "opposition" became under the name of the Syrian Democratic Council, then there would be a competing opposition go to Geneva with Syrian government in the future.

He noted that as US elections approaches, this period will witness stalemate until knowing US election repercussions on the political scene, so that discussions will resume once again to reach a comprehensive political solution. He said that "the Syrian National Democratic Alliance Party is working solving the crisis in Damascus under international sponsorship, with the participation of all the opposing parties inside Syria, according to the political perspective, we find that things are heading towards Geneva."

Turkey is obligated to withdraw"

Regarding the field situation in Idlib, the M4 highway, agreed points in Astana and the recent withdrawal of Turkish points, in Morek or some other areas, Araj stated that it "all that have been done by Russian is pressure to open the Aleppo-Latakia road." He said, "Previously, Turkey was opposed to withdraw its forces from these areas under the name of humanity and displaced people who were pressing on the Turkish side, meanwhile, Europeans intervened to prevent the Russians and the government from moving forward in Idlib.

And he added, "But returning to Astana, Turkey is obligated to withdraw its forces from those areas after defeating the terrorist organizations, adding that the reason is the Russian-European rapprochement.

Recently, we have witnessed a change in European policy led by France to agree with the Russian side to put pressure on the Turkish side, this is what motivated the parties Iran, Russia, the Syrian government to pressure Turkey. Araj pointed out that "the messages and indications sent by the Russian side were through raids that killed hundreds of terrorist militants, which Turkey was unable to get rid of them"

In this respective, he said, "Let us not forget that Astana discussions and conferences dealt with the necessity of ending terrorist organizations. If Turkey cannot fulfil its obligations, then Iran and Russia are militarily authorized to intervene and end these organizations."

Investing in terrorism

Araj indicated that there is a benefit to the Turkish side after pressuring it in those areas to open conflicts at the international level, whether in Libya or Azerbaijan, "Turkey needs terrorists and mercenaries to put them in the battles and thus get rid of the organizations and implement agendas in the region."

He added, "There are Turkish-Russian understandings to share areas which witnesses conflicts by terrorist groups supported by Turkey in Libya, Armenia, northern Syria and Iraq." As for the Turkish attacks on northern Syria, the Secretary-General of the Syrian National Democratic Alliance ruled any attacks unless they are green lighted by America and Russia.

He ended his speech by emphasizing that they are seeking for a final political solution in Syria, especially with the participation of all secular forces, and warned that if Turkey's terrorism is not curbed, it will turn into another form of ISIS that threatens the region's international and regional security.



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