Arab, Syriac: We must escalate struggle to lift isolation on Ocalan

A number of Derik area's residents said that the freedom of Ocalan is freedom for all the people who believe on democracy and peoples' fraternity, demanding to lift the isolation imposed by Turkish occupation on Ocalan.

An intensive isolation imposed on Ocalan, preventing his lawyers and family to meet him, and about the isolation and prevent meeting of Abdullah Ocalan.

Khader Muhammad al-Khader of the Arab component said: "We regret - as an Arab component - the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, imposed by the extreme AK's party, because the leader embodied in his ideas and philosophy deep sense of the democratic nation and the brotherhood of peoples and peace.

And he added "The area, with all its peoples and components, lives peacefully and safely as a result of democratic nation's philosophy. This experience, taken from the thought and philosophy of the leader, is against the interest of the AK's party, headed by Erdogan and his allies.

He continued, "The isolation imposed by the Turkish state on the leader is isolation on the whole nation, on the peoples who believe in freedom and the philosophy of the democratic nation's philosophy."

Al-Khader appealed to all peoples to stand "firm and serious stand with the great leader Abdullah Ocalan, who was able to unite the people and components in northern and eastern Syria, so we must escalate the struggle against Erdogan and his mercenaries and his policy against the people of the region."

Al-Khader Mohammed al-Khader concluded by saying that "the Arab component in all its clans, segments and sects has turned around the thought and philosophy of the democratic nation, because it is the best thought and the right way to reach freedom and democracy, and salvation from the mercenary gangs supported by the new AK's party headed by new Ottoman Erdogan.

In her turn, Sida Hanna Ibrahim of the Syriac component strongly condemned the strict isolation imposed by the Turkish authorities on the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

 “The isolation imposed by the Turkish authorities is the result of the cohesion and peoples' fraternity who oppose the interest of Erdogan and his followers,” Sida said. Turkey's aim of this isolation is to evade the internal crisis and the divisions and splits in the AKP. Erdogan quickly resorted to the courts and imposed isolation and prevented the leader from meeting with his lawyer.

Sida Hanna appealed to all peoples eager for freedom, the United Nations, states and human rights organizations to put pressure the AKP government to lift isolation from the leader and allow him access to his lawyer and family, because "the freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan is the freedom of peoples who believe in democracy and peoples' fraternity."



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