Arab press: Clashes between pro-Russian forces and others from Damascus, painful realities for Turkey

​​​​​​​Southern Syria is witnessing tensions and clashes between pro-Russian forces and government forces, while Turkey seeks to remove the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict file from Russia, while observers said that Turkey will face painful facts on the economic level in the months of the coming fall.

On Wednesday morning, Arab newspapers focused the situation on in southern Syria, in addition to the escalation between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and the Turkish economic situation.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Battles between "al-Jabal" and "al-Sahal" in southern Syria

The Arab newspapers published this morning on the Syrian issue dealt with several topics, the most prominent of which was the situation in southern Syria. In this context, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper said: “Yesterday, forces loyal to Damascus and others loyal to Moscow pushed military reinforcements to southern Syria, in a renewal of tension between al-Jabal and al-Sahal” in As-Suwayda and “al-Sahl” in Daraa, clashes escalated, resulting in deaths and injuries. "

She added, "A source in the affiliate Southern Front confirmed that" the National Defense Forces in the As-Suwayda governorate of the Syrian army, pushed military reinforcements after the killing of a number of its members in a confrontation with the Eighth Brigade of the Fifth Corps supported by Russia in the Qarya region on the administrative borders between the governorates of As-Suwayda and Daraa. Southern Syria ».

The source added to the German News Agency, that “the (National Defense) elements, at the behest of the government forces, launched an attack on the sites of the Eighth Brigade, located between the city of Busra al-Sham and the town of al-Quraya. The elements of the Legion responded to the attack, and bombed National Defense points in al-Quraya area, the villages of Barad and al-Mujimer.

For his part, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that it had documented “the killing of 6 members of the local factions in As-Suwayda and the wounding of 7 others as a result of the clashes and targeting a point for them with a guided missile from the elements of the Fifth Corps in the village of al-Mujimer in the southwestern countryside of As-Suwayda governorate, while it continued The battles between the gunmen (the Fifth Corps) on the one hand, and the local factions of the sons of As-Suwayda on the other side, in the vicinity of al-Quraya region and its outskirts in the western countryside of As-Suwayda at the administrative borders with the eastern countryside of Daraa.

Al-Arab: Turkey removes the Nagorno Karabakh conflict from Russia

Regarding the escalation between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and in this context Al-Arab newspaper said: "Turkey is heading towards a direct adventure through military intervention in the conflict on the side of Azerbaijan in the face of Armenia, which directly threatens Moscow's influence and interests in this conflict after the Russians succeeded for years in preserving The balance of power that allows them to sell arms to the two countries in conflict. "

Official Turkish statements calling for a direct intervention in the conflict on the side of Azerbaijan triggered a Russian response, calling on Ankara to stop pouring fuel on the fire of war and help find a political solution, in a move that observers said that Moscow aims behind it to prevent the situation from getting out of its control and block the road In the face of Ankara controlling the file and the Russians competing with their vital interests, in a repeat of what happened in the Syrian war.

Impartial field reports indicate the effective participation of the Turkish Drones in changing the military situation on the ground, which was revealed by Armenia from the beginning, threatening to use Russian weapons of wider destruction in an attempt to force Azerbaijan to retreat.

These reports say that the Turks benefited from the experience of the war in Libya, and that this experience made them master the confrontation, and that this time they were also able to disable the Russian devices that the Armenians adopt.

Amidst the Turkish participation in the battles and the change of the balance of power on the ground, observers are awaiting the Russian position, and whether Moscow will enter directly on the battle line, or whether it will continue to search for mediations in order to reach understandings with Turkey similar to the Astana and Sochi understandings in the Syrian file.

Observers believe that these developments will create a big headache for Russian President Vladimir Putin, since the Turkish challenge this time affects a traditional Russian vital sphere, as both countries were members of the Soviet Union and represent important strategic locations for Moscow.

They point out that Russia's desire to satisfy Armenia and Azerbaijan and avoid a clash with Turkey means that Moscow is likely to rely on diplomacy instead of a military response, pointing out that the Russians may resort, in explaining the delay in the Armenian rescue directly, to the fact that the Russian defense agreement with Armenia Nagorny territory does not include Karabakh, which means that Armenia cannot ask Moscow to deploy forces unless there is an attack on Armenian territory.

It seems that this conflict will not stop at the Turkish-Russian rivalry, and that it will expand to more than one competitor due to the importance of this strategic area, which represents a corridor for pipelines that transport oil and gas to global markets.

In their turn, the Iranians did not hide their support for the Armenians, not only in the context of the consistency of the traditional position with Russia, but also because for them Armenia is a great and important outlet and a strong ally, in addition to the fact that the Armenians are equal to Azerbaijan, their ethnic rivalry over the Azeri's in northern Iran despite being Shiites.

Okaz: International Organization: Erdogan is a dictator

Regarding the Turkish issue, Okaz newspaper said: “Amidst the exacerbation of repression and human rights violations in Turkey, the International League for Human Rights accused the president of the regime, Recep Erdogan, of having turned into a dictator. Torture and executions in Turkish prisons, according to what Turkish lawyer Murad Demir was subjected to torture during his detention. Attorneys from Turkey and Belgium and a representative of the International League for Human Rights spoke at the conference.

For his part, Turkish dissident Alp Arslan Kuytul warned that there is a scenario prepared by the ruling coalition to implement a massive crackdown targeting the religious current wing, as a continuation of the series of comprehensive liquidation of the opposition, which began with the 2016 coup and is based on turning every opponent into an enemy of the government and the people.

The founding president of Farqan said that the Justice and Development and National Movement parties and their small and influential supporter, the Watan Party, are seeking to create a new, hostile organization under the name of the “Armed Terrorist Salafist Entity,” similar to their differences, the “Parallel Entity” and “Fetullah Colin Organization.” In order to stigmatize him and wage separation and arrest campaigns against them.

In his turn, the former Turkish Minister of Economy Uvuk Suyilmaz described the economic crisis as having become chronic, warning that the coming fall months will be harsh economically, and in an interview with the Turkish newspaper Suzhou, he lied about the declared unemployment rates, confirming that they are not sincere.

"We will face the painful realities in the coming fall months, when actual unemployment rates reach 25%, and the ban on employers laying off workers is canceled," he said.

He added that during the fall months, the real situation will be revealed when it becomes difficult for companies to continue their march, saying: "The banking sector should not be burdened with more than this. The authorities will have to raise the interest whether they like it or not," referring to the government's insistence that banks grant interest Low on loans.



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