Arab parties: All components of Syria must be involved in drafting constitution

The Arab parties from Tirbespiyê district pointed to the need to form a constitutional committee to represent all the components of Syria, and to suit the aspirations and sacrifices of the Syrian people for their freedom and dignity. They stressed the importance of starting a national dialogue that would lead Syria to a democratic political process.

Modernism and democracy and the Arab National Body believe that the solution to the Syrian crisis is through the drafting of a new constitution that guarantees the aspirations of all components on Syrian soil, and that it is formulated and discussed by national people away from any external interference, especially the “guarantor states” that complicate the Syrian crisis.

Member of the leading body of the Modernity and Democratic Party of Syria Ibrahim al-Thalaj drew attention to the fact that after the start of the tracks of the Geneva and Vienna talks and the Security Council resolution on Syria 2,254, which includes the political transition in Syria, and the formation of a constitutional committee, and on this basis began negotiations but they did not bear fruit, and those efforts failed. For political transition within Syria because of regime intransigence and direct Russian interference in the negotiations.

Al-Thalaj explained that the talk about the constitutional committee came after the failure of the political transition in Syria. "Up to this point there are no serious steps on this subject, and the reason that the guarantor countries in the Syrian file are trying to marginalize the largest force on Syrian soil, namely the components of northern and eastern Syria, alluding that any constitutional committee without representatives of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria will have no future.

"Guarantor countries" are trying to draft a constitution for Syria according to their interests

The administrator committee of the Arab National Authority, Mawah Mohammad al-Wahsh, pointed out that the meetings held in Astana and Sochi do not represent the Syrian people. The goal is to complicate the Syrian crisis. She pointed out that the "guarantor countries" trying to draft a constitution for Syria according to its interests and not under the interests of the components of Syria.

The administrator in the Arab National Committee considered that the solution in Syria should be through the start of a Syrian-Syrian dialogue away from any external interference, and the formation of a constitution for Syria that represents the aspirations and sacrifices made by the Syrian people for their freedom and dignity, and to live on the basis of democracy.



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