Appeals of relief for Idlib's displaced

The Democratic Civil Administration in the city of Manbij and its countryside issued a statement from  "Jadida al-Hamer" camp, for  Idlib's displaced, calling on the international community's relief and humanitarian organizations to perform their duty to help the displaced who have arrived in areas of the northeastern Syria.

The statement was delivered today at Jadida al-Hamer camp, 26 km south of Manbij, by the deputy of the Executive Council of the Democratic Civil Administration in  Manbij and its countryside, Shahriban Jawish, in which she said:

"In light of the conflicts and the disastrous situation in Idlib, the Commander-in-Chief of the SDF launched a humanitarian initiative to welcome displaced people from conflict areas.

The Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria has initiated the establishment of several camps , including the new Red Camp in Manbij, which has a capacity of about 1,500 families, the first quarter of which was equipped with regard to electricity, water and sanitation services and the construction of 300 tents at the expense of the Autonomous Administration .

From here from Jadidat Al Hamir Camp, we as the Civil Administration in Manbij and its countryside, appeal to the international community and humanitarian organizations, both emergency and medical, to respond  to provide primary health care in accordance with the criteria of emergency response, particularly women and children, and provide the necessary support. "For the people who lack the minimum human livelihood and to meet all the needs of the camp for tents and supplies."




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