​​​​​​​Algerian Youth Organization head calls for a diplomatic, economic boycott of Turkey

The Head of the Algerian Youth Organization, Omani Osama, criticized the Arab and international attitude towards Syria and Libya, blaming the international community and the Arab nation for the humanitarian catastrophe that is occurring in both countries as a result of the interventions of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Osama, in a special statement to Hawar news agency (ANHA), accused Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Qatar of supporting terrorism, recruiting youth and traveling them to hotbeds of tension in Syria and Libya, calling on the international community to condemn countries supporting terrorism and boycott these countries diplomatically and economically.

Speaking about the Libyan file, Omani Osama asserted al-Saraj government is losing popular legitimacy and has become a regional threat by supporting armed groups in eastern Libya, calling on the international community and neighboring countries to work together to find a peaceful solution to end the conflict in Libya according to a timetable ending with new founding elections ending the question of legitimacy.

The President of the Algerian Youth Organization called for the need for there to be Arab coordination to unite ranks and positions to address Erdogan's ambitions, stressing that Libya is not only the only target but all Arab countries and the former Ottoman colonies, and the goal is to revive the alleged dream of the caliphate.



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