Aleppo residents celebrate 16th anniversary of PYD foundation

On the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the founding of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), a celebration was held in Aleppo in which hundreds of people from Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood, representatives of political parties and members of civil institutions in Aleppo participated.

The celebration was held in Afrin Hall located in Al-Shuqif neighborhood of Aleppo city, in addition to hundreds of people representing the Future Syria Party, Syrian National Democratic Alliance Party, Democratic Unity Party (Yekti), Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party (Conference), Syrian Social Nationalist Party, Syrian Democratic Council, Democratic Society Movement, and Kongra Star.

The celebration hall was decorated with pictures of the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, pictures of strugglers, the flags of the Democratic Union Party, the Democratic Society Movement, and banners that read: "With the will and resistance, we will destroy the international conspiracy and liberate the leader, Abdullah Ocalan, bless our Kurdish people and the people of the region on the 16th  anniversary of the founding of the Democratic Union Party."

The celebration began with a minute of silence, and several speeches were given by the co-chair of the Democratic Union Party Council in Aleppo Issa Mustafa, member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party (Conference) Ramzi Shikmus, member of the Democratic Unity Party (Yekiti) Hussein Tarmoush, member of the Women's Bureau of the Future Syria Party Suhaila Birim, Syrian National Democratic Alliance Walid Naasan, on behalf of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party Fadi Ismail.

In the beginning, the words congratulated the 16th anniversary of the founding of the PYD on all the martyrs who sacrificed themselves for their homeland and their people and to build a free society, and on the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan.

The words pointed out that the martyrs were the ones who wrote the heroic epics, thanks to which liberated areas of Syria from terrorism, and with their blood and preserved the Syrian territorial integrity, noting that the PYD is one of the parties that made sacrifices and led a bitter struggle and gave many martyrs for freedom, dignity, coexistence, and equality among all peoples in Syria.

Afterwards, the Sarhad dancing band of the Jameel Horo Center for Culture and Art Movement in Aleppo presented some folkloric performances and Afrin dances were performed, with warm applause from the participants.

Then Çiyayî Hawar band of the Culture and Art Movement performed several revolutionary and folk songs, and the ceremony ended as the participants danced Dabkha.


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