Aleppo people: Prevention is better than a thousand treatments

A number of Aleppo city's people have confirmed that adhering to the instructions and maintaining personal hygiene and prevention is better than treatment, and they indicated that imposing a curfew on the neighborhoods of Aleppo would contain the virus and prevent its spread.

A number of the people of Aleppo explained that limiting the outbreak of Corona lies in adhering to the measures taken by the concerned authorities, and noted that they changed their habits, instead of shaking hands and mixing between people, they are greeting each other from faraway, during ANHA agency.

Where the citizen Jamal Othman said in this regard: "We go out of the house according to the need to secure bread and food only, and we work as parents to sterilize ourselves from time to time, to prevent the spread of this epidemic and contain it as possible."

Jamal continued his speech by saying: "We realized the seriousness of this virus after awareness campaigns on news and television broadcasts, and we adhered to the instructions issued by the concerned authorities, but there are some people whose health condition is unstable so they are allowed to go to the medical points."

As for Mustafa Bashir, one of the food sellers, he said: "There is a specific time for us to open stores in order to allow the people to secure their needs, and we must seriously evaluate this disease because it is dangerous to all of humanity, and we must maintain personal hygiene to prevent its spread."

And Bashir added, "I myself abide by the basic rules of staying at home after distributing the materials to the people. I also put a muzzle and gloves to prevent this disease. I also appeal to all families not to go out except for the necessity."

While the citizen Hussein Maamo said: "I leave the house only to secure the necessary requirements, so that I changed some of my habits like shaking hands, and I became greet my friends from faraway, all these countries and the occurrences that are sufficient to alert us to the seriousness of this disease."

He ended his speech by addressing the people, saying: "We must all not mix with or gather. If an infected person is found, the epidemic will spread, so we must adhere to the instructions issued until the passing of this epidemic, and let us know that prevention is better than a thousand treatments."...



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