Aleppo Health takes preventive measures against Corona

The Health Committee in al-Sheikh Maksoud and al-Ashrafieh neighborhoods of Aleppo has taken precautionary measures to prevent the Corona epidemic by examining the people entering the neighborhood, as well as distributing educational leaflets to the residents.

With the spread of the Corona virus as a global epidemic, the Health Committee in the neighborhoods of al-Sheikh Maksoud and al-Ashrafieh in Aleppo city took the initiative to take preventive measures by examining the people entering the neighborhood through a body temperature test.

The examination is carried out at the three crossings in the neighborhood, which are each of al-Jazeera crossing, al-Awared crossing, and al-Ashrafieh crossing, as well as the examination of all patients who go to the Martyr Khaled Fajr Hospital.

In this regard, the administration in the Health Committee, Leila Hassen, said: "We have taken precautions to prevent the Corona epidemic, by purchasing Corona test equipment, in addition to distributing gags and gauntlets to vital centers."

Leila said, speaking on methods to prevent the Corona epidemic: "People should take their measures by putting up gags, taking care of physical hygiene, and disinfecting surfaces and floors because prevention is better than a thousand treatments."

It is worth mentioning that the Health Committee, in coordination with the People's Municipality, will distribute leaflets to the residents of al-Sheikh Maksoud and al-Ashrafieh neighborhoods to raise awareness and prevent corona disease.


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