The delegation included hundreds of residents of the region along with elders and dignitaries of the tribes, councils and the people's houses in al-Tabqa, al-Tabqa Youth Councils, the Department of Women in al-Tabqa, the people's municipality in al-Tabqa.

With the arrival of the delegation to the headquarters of the Martyr Redor Regiment, the fighters performed a military parade that coincided with holding a minute of silence in tribute to the lives of the martyrs. Then, the people greeted the fighters.

During the visit, the co-chair of the people's house in al-Mansoura town Fawaz al-Muhammad congratulated the Syrian Democratic Forces for their sacrifices and heroism which achieved safety and stability for the people of the region."

On the impact of the revolutionary songs, the people and the fighters held al-Dabka dances and saluted SDF's resistance.