Al-Tabqa clans: We are with SDF in one trench to face the occupationc

The clans of al-Tabqa region confirmed their firm stand towards the cowardly Turkish threats against to the areas of northern and eastern Syria, and that they will join SDF resistance in their trenches at every moment, as well as to defeat ISIS in three statements issued by the major clans in al-Tabqa region.

In conjunction with the ongoing Turkish threats to the regions of northeastern Syria, and its continued attempts, which proved its utter failure to create strife among the components of the region, each of “Wahab, Hawiyat and the Sokhna clans '' issued separate statements that clarified the Arab tribes' view of the current situation and the consistent positions confirmed by the three statements.

"As we stood by SDF alongside ISIS we will stand against the Ottoman Empire"

Through statements issued by the three tribes, these tribes affirmed their firm and unwavering stance towards the "force of peace and freedom" i.e. SDF as described, "We also fought ISIS alongside SDF to liberate our land from this abomination and offered thousands of martyrs. Today we repeat that we will continue this cohesion and join forces with our forces and children in SDF and we will share with them the trenches of resistance at every moment. "

The international community should be "ashamed"; determine its position

In their statements, the tribes demanded the international community and the public to reconsider its "shameful" silence and to define a firm and clear position that is far from uncertainty about the arrogant Ottoman fascism. "Today the international community is helpless in the face of Turkish authoritarian policy, watching what is happening closely but without benefit or mobility, if they are claiming humanity, they must act, determine the situation and draw the boundaries of that fascist policy. "

The Syrian people must join hands to confront terrorism

He pointed out the position of the tribes to the need to join forces with all sects of the Syrian people in a message from them that the components of the Syrian people should be coherent under the principle of brotherhood of peoples and coexistence in all Syrian territories and not just north and east of Syria, "We must return to our historical reality distorted by the true fascism that was experienced against our ancestors which is our unity in defending our land and protecting every inch of them and standing against each aggressor and greed."


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