Al-Tabqa clans ask tribesmen to join resistance fronts

The elders and tribal leaders of al-Tabqa region held an expanded meeting today to discuss the latest developments of the Turkish aggression on the northern and eastern regions of Syria, which ended with the announcement of general alarm of the tribesmen and joining the fronts of fighting against the Turkish enemy and its mercenaries.

The meeting, which was held in the town of Al-Hamam east of Tabqa city, was attended by elders, notables and dignitaries of the tribes of the region.

During the meeting, everyone asserted that the Turkish invasion is the first step for the return of ISIS occupation to the areas that the SDF had defeated and cleared them of their abomination.

The sheikhs also shed light on the activity of ISIS's sleeper cells since the beginning of the aggression, and carried out several terrorist attacks in various areas of northern and eastern Syria. In addition, some parties also took advantage of the current situation and exploited the fighters to join the fronts to carry out their agendas in the region.

They also agreed on the need to unite ranks and mobilize the people of all tribes to join the fighting fronts and stand in the same trench with the Syrian Democratic Forces in the face of the Turkish invasion.

According to tribal elders, dozens of tribesmen are ready to take to the battlefields and are waiting for the order.


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