Al-Shahba people: Signs of a new agreement to hand over Idlib, seize Afrin

The people of al-Shahba canton noted that Turkish construction of the partition wall around Afrin was aimed at appropriating it from Syria. They described the Russia and the Syrian regime's silence as referring to the signs of a new agreement with Turkey by handing them Idlib with formal battles in return for seizing Afrin and annexing it to Turkey.

The Turkish occupation continues its plans to appropriate Afrin from Syria by building a racist wall around it to annex it to Turkey, provoking angry reactions to the people of Afrin canton and all the peoples of northern and eastern Syria who are taking part in various activities to express their rejection of these policies carried out with Russian complicity and silence by the Syrian regime.

In this context, a number of people from al-Shahba canton expressed their rejection of Turkey's plans, denouncing the international silence and Russian complicity towards Turkey's violations.

In an interview with the Hawar news agency, Arab citizen Mohammed Wissi from al-Shahba described Turkey's plan for Afrin as similar to what it had done in the Iskenderun, Diyarbakir, Kilis, Gaziantep and Cyprus islands, which were occupied by Turkey in the same manner, through displacement of the indigenous population.

Wissi also considered the construction of the wall, observation towers and the deployment of gendarmes in the vicinity of Afrin and other occupied Syrian territories as an open occupation with international and Russian approval.

He called on all Syrian parties to act seriously and unite and open Syrian-Syrian dialogue and stand up to foreign ambitions that threaten the unity of their homeland.

Citizen Ali Salama noted, "We have seen how, after the liberation of al-Baghouz and the defeat of Daesh, the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries intensified their attacks, threats and violations against the north of Syria in general and Afrin in particular, and the construction of this separation wall comes within the schemes of Turkey to seize the Syrian city of Afrin and make it a center for the revival of Daesh and other groups of mercenaries."

He described the silence of Russia and the regime on the construction of the wall as "a new deal between them and Turkey to hand over Idlib to the regime in a formal and imaginary battle in exchange for appropriating Afrin and its annexation to Turkey and the transfer of terrorists from Idlib to Afrin."

Another citizen Warda Sheikho noted, "We condemn the actions of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in Afrin, and we call on the Security Council and the international community to move and pull out the Turkish occupier from all the areas it occupies, so that the people return to their homes which they have been displaced from."



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