Al-Shahba… Gasket manufacturing workshop within spread of Corona in world

The sewing workshop is working continuously and extensively on medical masks for distributing them to the people of Afrin and al-Shahba cantons to be protected against the Corona virus, and it is supervised by the Kurdish Red Crescent.

The Corona virus has spread rapidly in many countries of the world, and the Autonomous-Administration of North and East Syria has taken a number of measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

In addition, the Kurdish Red Crescent for Afrin canton is supervising a sewing workshop located in Babens village in al-Shahba canton in order to manufacture medical masks for the protection from the Corona virus.

About 40 laborers work in the workshop, and with the increase in demand for the medical masks, the workshop increased the number of working hours to 13 hours a day, starting from 8 in the morning until 9 in the evening.

During those hours, between 5,000 and 6,000 medical masks are made per day, knowing that the manufacture of medical masks began two days ago.

The Kurdish Red Crescent teams distribute the masks daily after sterilizing them to all people of Afrin and al-Shahba canton for free.

The member of the Kurdish Red Crescent of Afrin canton Musa Mohammed spoke to Hawar news agency about the failure of the international organizations to provide support to them, and therefore they were forced to manufacture the masks themselves. He said: "After the spread of Corona virus, we saw that it is necessary to make medical gaskets due to the people’s need to them after the international organizations neglected providing support to us."

Musa said: "The work continues on a daily basis, thousands of gaskets are manufactured daily, and about 40 workers work in the workshop."

Moreover, 50 thousand medical masks will be manufactured initially and will be distributed to the people of Afrin and al-Shahba cantons.

Many countries around the world are suffering from the problem of securing medical masks in light of the spread of the Corona virus, while China, the country that was the epicenter of the virus, witnessed turning car manufacturers into factories to sew masks after losing them.


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