Al-Shadadi people confirm on resistance, stand alongside SDF

Al-Shadadi district's residents have explained that they will follow the path of the resistance till the exclusion the last the mercenary of the Turkish occupation from the NE, Syria lands, stressing that adhere with the principle of Peoples' fraternity and leadership of SDF. 

Mohammed al-Jumah, a resident of al-Shadadi, explained that the silence of the international community towards the war crimes, genocide and ethnic cleansing committed against the people of NE, Syria is evidence of its participation in the attack.

"We must depend on our members of the tribes and coexisting components in the region, and on the Syrian Democratic Forces, which is represented the will of the people to defend our rights and property until the last drop of blood in our bodies," he said.

He pointed out that Turkey has used all weapons in the war, including the internationally prohibited, to displace people and fear in them to prevent them from trying to return to their homes and property and to implement its plans to change the features of the region.

In the same context, Malik Saud, a resident of al-Shaddadi, stressed that "the will of the resistance is strong in us, we will continue the march of our martyrs in Serêkaniyê Ras al-Ain, GIRÊ SPî/ Tal Abyad and our Syrian north, and neither Turkey nor anyone else will dissuade us. "


In his turn, Jassem al-Khudair called on the people of the region to stand together and stand alongside with SDF against any occupier who tries to undermine its gains, sends discord, and works to destabilize the security and stability of the region.




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