Al-Sadat: There is no clan in the region that supports Turkish occupation

One of the Arab clans' notables of al-Sadat clan, Hussein al-Sadat has refuted of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claims about the existence of clans that support the plans of the Turkish occupation in northeast Syria, and Sadat called on the Turkish president to name one clan supporting the occupation.

Al-Sadat denied what has Erdogan claimed about presence of Arab and Kurdish clans support him for his occupation plan for the north and east of Syria. "Erdogan claims many things that don't really exist," he said.

"Who are those clans that support Erdogan?" Asked Hussein al-Sadat.

"There is not a single Arab clan standing by the occupation, to explain (Erdogan) who is the clan that supports his occupation plan, no one supports the Turkish occupation, even if there is an understanding from the terrorists who brought them from Ghouta, Qalamoun and Idlib to Afrin and brought them out on TV and say that they are Arab tribes, which Arab tribes are they? "

Al-Sadat pointed out that Erdogan relies on some people who sold themselves and joined the mercenary gangs, "There are exploiters such as Jabhat al-Nusra, mercenaries of the Euphrates Shield and other factions supported by the Turkish occupation. They are few and cannot represent Arab and Kurdish tribes."

Sadat sent a message to Erdogan at the end of his speech, and said: "You killed a lot of the Syrian people, and your ancestors earlier Ottomans killed many components."



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