Al-Raqqa sheikhs, notables: We waiting victory's declaration in north, east Syria  

A number of elders and dignitaries of al-Raqqa city expressed their joy at approaching the decisive moment and the elimination of IS mercenaries who terrified the whole world, stressing that the elimination of IS mercenaries opens the way to political solutions in Syria saying, "We are awaiting for the moment of declaring victory on terrorism."


As the liberation of the last stronghold of IS mercenaries by the Syrian Democratic Forces in eastern Deir ez-Zor of north and east Syria approached, Hawar news agency held meetings with the elders and dignitaries of al-Raqqa tribes who, in turn, affirmed that thanks to the sacrifice of their children, the region would be liberated from terrorism.

The sheikh of al-Afadela clan Mohammed Nour al-Theib said, "Kobanî was the beginning of the end of IS mercenaries in north and east Syria and the whole world. The end of IS mercenaries geographically will open the way for political solutions towards Syria's future and the reconstruction of new cities and towns."

About the Turkish support over the years of the Syrian crisis, Mohammed Nour al-Theib said, "Turkey is the first supporter of IS mercenaries when it opened its borders towards the Syrian geography. During the battles, many mercenaries were captured and they confessed the Turkish support for them."

Al-Naeem clan's sheikh Nouri Ibrahim al-Nouri said, "We are eagerly waiting for our forces' announcement the victory of al-Jazeera Tempest campaign, and the complete cleansing of north and east Syria from terrorism. IS mercenaries who used to control vast areas of the Syrian and Iraqi geography are approaching to end, and its alleged caliphate is being ended in front of SDF's blows. With the liberation of the region, security and safety will return to the region and the political solutions will also come."

The notable of al-Hamrat area Sitam Ahmed al-Khelaf said, "We are waiting for the decisive moment of our military forces in the last stronghold of IS mercenaries. Our troops managed to clear the far north to the far east, at the Iraqi border of the global terrorism."



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