Al-Raqqa notables: Our priorities are to push occupation out, not accept any constitution outside Syria

Sheikhs and clans' notables of al-Raqqa city confirmed their support for the SDF and expressed their rejection of any constitution that does not represent the will of all Syrians.


At the request of the elders of al-Afadla clan, meeting of Arab Clan Forum was held on Saturday, Nov. 16, at the Martyr Hevrin Khalaf Stadium in al-Raqqa city, to discuss the latest political and military developments, and unite to face the Turkish aggression on northeast of Syria.

During the meeting, Sheikhs and clans' notables of al-Raqqa city and northeastern Syria stressed the need to unify political and military visions to confront the "Turkish occupier who is trying to occupy Syria again through his mercenaries," denouncing the international silence about the Turkish attacks.

Several sheikhs of clans spoke to Hawar news agency (ANHA) on the sidelines of the meeting.

Sheikh Fawaz al-Baik, a spokesman for al-Tabqa clans, said in this regard: "It is a shame to talk about any constitutional committee in Syria and it is today subjected to the fiercest military attack by mercenaries of Turkish aggression, who used most of his military arsenal against the SDF, which provided thousands of martyrs to liberate humanity from ISIS mercenaries. "

Al-Baik called for "the UN Security Council to open a judicial court to hold the Turkish occupation's mercenaries, led by the Turkish regime, which gave instructions to this barbaric attack, the international community must take a firm and firm position on the Turkish attacks that continue until this moment."

Sheikh of Ja'abat clan Talal Hilal al-Sibat also touched upon the issue of the Constitutional Committee and confirmed their rejection of any constitution "adopted for the country without the vast participation of all components of the Syrian people, we are sheikhs and tribal elders throughout the north and east of Syria, behind our political and military administration."

Al-Sibat stressed that any constitution that is reliable outside the framework of Syrian geography, and excludes the components of the people in northern and eastern Syria is illegal, and we categorically reject it, and doomed to inevitable failure, pointing out that it cannot exclude 5 million Syrian people from participating in the drafting of the constitution.



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