Al-Raqqa clans demand international court to try Daesh elements

The sheikhs and notables of the tribes of al-Raqqa called for the establishment of an international court to hold mercenaries accountable for those detained by Syrian Democratic Forces in northern and eastern Syria and pose a great threat to the region.

After Syrian Democratic Forces liberated al-Baghouz area, the last of Daesh mercenaries' pocket in Syria, a large number of mercenaries surrendered to Syrian Democratic Forces and joined thousands of former mercenary detainees in the jails of SDF forces in the north, east and Syria.

The need to prosecute those mercenaries who have committed crimes against humanity in the period of their control of areas in Syria and Iraq has been highlighted, while states refuse to receive their nationals who have joined Daesh and who are now in SDF jails.

Sheikh Mohammed Turki al-Suwaan, Sheikh of the Sabkha clan, called on the UN Security Council and the international community to establish international courts to try the elements of Daesh in the prisons of north of Syria. He said in a statement to the Hawar News Agency: "Daesh could come back to pose the same danger as before, if courts to try them are not set up, particularly in Syria."

Sheikh Ayed al-Hadi, a member of al-Musa al-Zaher clan explained "if the countries would not try their nationals detained by SDF, so they must work seriously outside their borders, that is to rush to establish international courts in Syria. As we have been able to capture, triumph over them, we can supervise their trial."

In response to ANHA question on the purpose of establishing their courts in Syria, the two Sheikhs explained that "Daesh elements who are in the prisons of the Syrian Democratic Forces still have extremist ideologies, while at the same time, simultaneously, SDF declares that they will defend East Euphrates and will not allow the Turkish invasion, if this takes place, SDF could lose control of them, and return again to pose a threat to Europe and the world at large."

The two sheikhs called on the international community to pressure the European countries to take their extremist citizens and to hasten the establishment of international court for them on Syrian soil. They stressed that it is necessary to accelerate appropriate measures, because mercenaries hold dangerous thought."


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