Al-Qeftan: formation of constitutional committee violates UN resolution 2254

The head of the Future Syria Party, Ibrahim al-Qeftan, considered the formation of the constitutional committee as a violation of UN resolution 2254, and did not expect its success because of neglect of "the most important representative in the subject of the democratic process, the sons of northern and eastern Syria."

The UN announcement of the formation of a constitutional committee has sparked widespread controversy in the political circles inside and outside Syria, and the circumstances in which the committee was formed increased the debate.

With a contradiction of views between members of the constitutional commission representing the Syrian regime on the one hand and mercenary groups supported by Turkey on the other, between those calling for a new constitution and another insisting on the old one, expectations for the success of this commission are low.

In an interview with ANHA, the head of the Future Syria Party, Ibrahim al-Qeftan, pointed out that there was a violation of the UN resolution on Syria, adding, "The issue of the constitutional committee is not part of resolution (2254), but was created through the baskets put forward by de Mistura and diverted the real Geneva track to the course of Astana.

United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254, issued at its 7588th meeting on December 18, 2015, relates to a ceasefire in Syria and a political settlement and demands an immediate ceasefire against any civilian targets.

It also calls on the member states of the council to support the ceasefire and calls on the United Nations to bring the parties of the conflict together and to open formal negotiations. The resolution excludes both ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra mercenaries from the negotiations and acknowledges the holding of free and fair elections under the auspices of the United Nations and the Syrian-led political transition.

He recalled "Resolution (2254), which demanded a transitional government, the issues of safe passages and a ceasefire, and assumed that within six months there will be a solution to the Syrian crisis and this was in 2015.

Despite the announcement of the formation of the Constitutional Committee, Al-Qeftan said, "Now, two years after the issue of the Constitutional Committee and the selection of people, the dispute is still based on persons."

The head of the Future Syria Party, considered the absence of the Autonomous Administration from the Constitutional Committee, as a big mistake "the meetings held in Geneva neglect the most important nerve in the subject of the democratic process are the sons of northern and eastern Syria and did not choose any of them," describing the drafting of the constitution in the absence of the sons of northern and eastern Syria It will be unsuccessful."

Al-Qeftan said that the forces involved in the Syrian conflict "if they are seeking to resolve the Syrian crisis should take into account the people of the north and east of Syria because they are a cornerstone in Syria and the future of the country.

He expressed their refusal as the Future Syria Party to "marginalize any party, but want to return to resolution (2254), which includes resolving the Syrian crisis and drafting a constitution in Syria, the solution to the Syrian crisis is not only in the constitution, but also by stopping the killing and driving the Turkish occupier out of Afrin and other Syrian occupied territories."

He stressed that the marginalization of the people of northern and eastern Syria will not be a solution for Syria, and stressed that they want a solution for all Syrians, not new wars in Syria, and want to fraternity and decentralization.

Al-Qeftan reiterated the party's desire for a "real solution that serves all the people of Syria.




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