Al-Qaftan: Absence of Syrian-Syrian dialogue means vilifying with external parties

The head of the Future Syria Party, Ibrahim Al-Qaftan, warned that failure to adopt an internal Syrian dialogue would lead to dependence on external forces. He called on the exploited Syrians by Turkey in Libya to return to their country. He noted the Syrian revolution went out to liberate the sons of Syria, not to kill the sons of Libya.

Ibrahim Al-Qaftan indicated during a meeting with our agency the importance of the Syrian internal dialogue, external interventions in Syria and their repercussions, and the party's preparations to hold its general conference.

He warned that the absence of the Syrian-Syrian dialogue "means resorting to violence and vilifying by external parties on the other Syrian parties. Therefore there is no alternative to the Syrian dialogue that lies in the belief that you do not have the absolute truth, because  it is deleting the most important part of democracy as it negates the other side.

He pointed out that "the policy of denying the other side   what has led Syria to the neighboring countries' adoption and support for terrorist blocs. We have to forget the nine-years- war and start a democratic project that is believe in all the people of Syria. "

Al-Qaftan pointed out that "the Future Syria Party seeks a Syrian dialogue based on patriotism, citizenship and acceptance of all spectra of Syria. That is the way to put the basic slogan" Syrian-Syrian dialogue ". Religion for the individual and homeland for all. This is the form of dialogue that secures the stability for the future Syria. "

Al-Qaftan noted that the democratic dialogue that the Future Syria Party believes in is not overpowered and defeated, but rather includes the rights and duties for all parties.

The Syrian revolution went out to liberate the sons of Syria, not to kill the sons of Libya

"Turkey seeks to revive an expansionist empire and recruit the radical and terrorist groups in every sense of the word, to transfer them according to their interests and plans."

Al-Qaftan promised that "the Syrian revolution went out to liberate the sons of Syria, not to kill the sons of Libya and Tunisia.

He pointed out that "All countries seek to achieve their interests at the expense of Syria, but the Syrians should seek their interests within their countries. What sent Syrians to Libya and other countries is the result of a historical extension adopted according to a previous national mentality and religious mentality later.

" He called on the Syrians "to return to their country and solve the Syrian crisis through dialogue with regional, neighboring and global countries, to participate in solving the Syrian crisis and create a human nation. The human nation is greater than the national nation. It should be expanded to intersect with other nations to reach a nation that has no killing." There is no death and no extermination in it, for nationalism is yours, religion is yours, and the homeland is mine and yours. "

He stressed the need for "the Syrians to be aware, within Turkey expansion's aims, that it does not want to achieve the Syrians' interests. Everyone knows that it wants to share influence with the major countries to say" I am a strong regional country that I can decide through some parties. "

He addressed the Syrians: "Let Syrians know that there is no force that can dialogue if you do not take the sons of Syria, so we do not our people to be raw material for the manufacture of Syria as the greedy countries want," stressing the need for our people to adopt a democratic ,decentralized, pluralistic project. "

Preparations for the general conference for the Future Syria Party resumed after their suspension

Al-Qaftan pointed to holding future Syria Party conferences in the countryside of ManbIj, Al-Raqqa, Tabqa, and Deir ez-Zor to form district councils. He explained that these conferences were not yet complete, as a result of the suspension of work during the period of  the coronavirus pandemic curfew. He emphasized that the activity of the Future Syria Party would return again.

He explained that meetings are taking place with the recently elected members in the countryside and districts "The next phase will depend on starting the election of members at the level of regions and cities in preparation for the General Conference," noting that "the action plans are currently limited to monthly plans as a strategy to ensure the success of the plans before the expected changes in the General Conference ".

He referred to the program of the General Conference in which the party’s president and the Secretary-General are supposed to be elected, after the martyrdom of the party’s Secretary General, Hevrin Khalaf, who was assassinated by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries. He recalled the martyr Khalaf, who was affected by the hand of treachery, because she wanted dialogue in all of her speeches.

He recalled the repeated speeches of the martyr Khalaf, calling on Turkey as a neighbor to the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, stressing that the party's position on Turkey is the position of the occupation until its exit from all Syrian territories, then that the dialogue can be based on neighborhood.

At the end of his speech, he affirmed that "preparation for the party's general conference continues at the external level in the same pace that it is at home, referring to the party's branch in Europe and expatriate members." He pointed out that "the party aspires to the friendships with other parties and national figures and the Syrian democratic and national conferences that serve Syria. "

He emphasized that the party "relies on the national path, not partisan ones that depend on the saying" Either you are with me or not. " With international and regional parties on the basis of common interests. "

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