Al-Omariya notable: Erdogan targets area that provided more than 10,000 martyrs

The elder of the Kurdish clan of al-Omariya, Mohammed Reshad Khalil said that the aim of the Turkish occupation is to occupy the areas of north and east of Syria and to eliminate the Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan

Almost a day passes without Turkish officials making threats to occupy northern and eastern Syria in conjunction with Turkish attacks on areas in Başûr (south Kurdistan) aimed at eliminating any Kurdish presence in the four parts of Kurdistan.

"We have resisted from the beginning, and we will continue to resist alongside our military forces against any threats facing the region from any party if return backwards and with the revolutionary movement in our country, the Kurdish people were able to protect their regions with their simple forces and capabilities, thanks to the great sacrifices made by the people of the region to preserve, defend, and witness to that resistance and heroism, the city of Serêkaniyê, which was attacked by mercenaries Jabhat al - Nusra supported by Turkey through its borders.

As for the Turkish purpose behind the Turkish threats, Haj Khalil said, "Turkish threats are not born of the moment. Turkey targets the Kurdish people in various parts of Kurdistan. Erdogan's statements about his targeting of the Kurds wherever they are, even in Africa, is evidence of his hatred towards the Kurdish people, and his hostility to the Kurdish people is clear.

He continued, and today his threats (Erdogan) to occupy our regions is trying to eliminate by all means the freedom of the people and democratic thought and gains made thanks to the sacrifices of more than 10,000 fighters from the people of the north and east of Syria, it aims to end the project of brotherhood of peoples by provoking confusion and sectarian and national strife between Kurds, Arabs and Syriac.




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