Al-Karama people: Turkey aims to occupy more Syrian lands

Al-Karama area's people have denounced the actions and plans of the Turkish occupation in the Syrian territories. They stressed that the partition wall that Turkey is building in Afrin is only a plan to annex it to the Turkish territory, as it did with Iskenderun.

The Turkish occupation state continues its violations in the Syrian territories. The latest was the construction of the partition wall in Afrin to isolate it from the Syrian territories. This ignited the anger of the people of northern and eastern Syria towards the occupation's practices.

The citizen of Darwish al-Buhbal of al-Karama area stressed that the goal of Turkey since the beginning of the Syrian crisis is the restoration of the Ottoman occupation of the Syrian territories and added, "The objectives of the occupying state became clear to the whole world which is the occupation of more Syrian lands. Today, it is building a wall in the surrounding of Afrin to annex it to the Turkish territories as it did with the Iskenderun."

Abd al-Jassim mentioned the sacrifices of the fighters in SDF to liberate the areas in north and east of Syria, which were occupied by IS' mercenaries. "Today, Turkey pursues the Ottomans and tries to restore the glory of the Ottoman state to Syrian territory," he said.

Al-Jassem denounced the actions of the Turkish state and the silence of the international community regarding the violations carried out by Turkey, and added, "Turkey's violations of the Syrian territories have intensified amidst a clear international silence and this has not shown the resentment of the international community," he said.



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