Al-Golani refuses to withdraw from (demilitarized zone), but who meant friends, enemies?

The leader of Heyat Tahrir al-Sham 's mercenaries (previously Jebhat al-Nusra) Abo Mohammed al-Golani has announced on Saturday that they will not withdraw from the so-called demilitarized zone two days after the truce that Damascus demanded the withdrawal of mercenaries from them, he stressed that they would not acquiesce at the request of friends and enemies in an apparent reference to the Turks and Russians.

Al-Golani's statements came during a meeting organized by the "Tahrir al-Sham" mercenaries with journalists in the Idlib region. Journalists were not allowed of taking photos.

Unless the regime takes it militarily and by force, it will not get it peacefully through negotiations and politics," he said. "We will never withdraw from the region."

In his speech, al-Golani apparently described the Turks as friends and Russians as enemies. he stressed that they would not acquiesce at the request of friends and enemies, stressing their rejection of the entry of Russian observation forces into the buffer zone as stipulated in the agreement.

Al-Golani said that the regime's forces were "exhausted" during the military operations.

After months of military escalation, a cease-fire in the Idlib region came into effect at midnight on Friday, and the regime has basically put conditions to the withdrawal of mercenaries from the so-called demilitarized zone to continue the talks according the truce of Russian-Turkish since September.

The head of the regime's delegation to the Astana talks, Bashar al-Jaafari told a press conference at the end of the 13th round of the Astana talks, "We call for the implementation the final decisions on the ground , especially from the Turkish regime," adding that "Syria does not see a fair application by The Turkish system of the Astana understandings and the Sochi Agreement on Idlib require the withdrawal of terrorist organizations to a depth of 20 km and the withdrawal of heavy and medium weapons.”



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