Al-Deghim: Turkey wants to sow discord in area

Mehidi al-Deghim has explained that Turkey "seeks to create chaos to support Daesh mercenaries' efforts to enter the lands of north and east of Syria after the purge of the terrorism of blacks," stressing that peoples' fraternity are not accepting any Turkish presence on the north of Syria and threaten the security and stability of the region.

The Turkish occupation, through its internal and external agendas, seeks, amid international silence and under false pretexts, mobilizing its army on the borders of the Syrian north in order to occupy and dominate the region and annex it to its administrative borders, as it did with Sanjak of Alexandretta previously and Afrin at present.

In the face of these Turkish threats, Hawar news agency (ANHA) has met with the politician and writer in al-Shadadi district, Mahdi al-Daghim, who explained at the beginning of his speech that Turkey is mobilizing its forces on the northern Syrian border to destabilize the region "after completely eradicating its cells and its sleeping cells in north Syria's regions by SDF's fighters who defeated terrorism and broken its strength at the local and global levels."

He stressed that Turkey and the leadership of the Justice and Development Party is working to revive the terrorist Daesh's cells, "It seeks to create chaos in support of Daesh mercenaries to enter the lands of north and east of Syria after they have been purged of their black terror and prosecuted those who have been arrested and put in prison for trial by an international tribunal."

"The Ottoman government did not accept nationalities and religions and worked on ethnic cleansing and followed the policy of acquisition and slavery, and is trying today to restore history through the rule of Erdogan and his systematic policy, these policies are not acceptable to all our components co-existing in the north and east of Syria under the banner of the democratic nation.

He noted that Turkey was living in an economic crisis before 2011, but benefited from the formation of the "terrorist gangs" of the "Euphrates Shield" and Daesh mercenaries, which brought oil for Turkey and money to strengthen its economic stability. "Today Turkey pays for its political mistakes. Turkey is suffering from internal problems are trying to export to Syria through the intensifications and threats on the pretext that the border is specific to the Kurdish component, we emphasize from the border line that the components Arab and Kurdish are part of the fabric of this homeland and an integral part of it.



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