Al-Darbasiya people: Turkish attacks target Iraq, Kurds

The people of al-Darbasiya district called on the KRG and the Iraqi Government to act and limit the violations of the Turkish occupation on Başûr and said that Başûr is part of Iraqi Federal State. 

The violations of the turkish occupation are still ongoing over against  the areas of Başûr amidst the silence of the KRG and the Iraqi Government which raised the concerns and the fears of the people.

"The Turkish state aims to annihilate the Kurdish people and eliminate their history and culture, but we will not allow the Turkish state to commit these massacres and we will stand against these attacks," the citizen Mohammed Ali said.

He called on the governments of Iraq and Başûr Kurdistan to clarify their position on these attacks, because these attacks targeting the Iraqi people and Iraqi sovereignty.

"To unite against the Turkish aggression, we must unify the Kurdish ranks and work for the benefit of the people, away from partisan and personal interests," the citizen Azad Remo said.

The citizen Imad Eeo pointed out that the Turkish occupation is killing civilians and children in front of the eyes of the government of Başûr Kurdistan, and that "we ask KRG to clarify its position and put the necessary limit to violations of Turkey and leave the personal interest and think about the interest and fate of the people."

"If the government of Başûr had taken the necessary position against these attacks since then, the people would not have died," the citizen Adnan Aliywan said.



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