Al-Awam: Turkish threats must be taken seriously

The Syrian journalist Baha al-Awam said that Erdogan will not be allowed to cross the American red lines in northern and eastern Syria, and pointed out that Erdogan wants to occupy small pockets to say that he has achieved his goals, stressing that America will not make efforts to stop the Turkish expansion in the cities of the north and east of Syria.

The head of the Turkish occupation state has launched his almost daily threats to launch an attack on northern and eastern Syria, talking about days to carry out these threats.

"The so-called safe area in northern Syria is a strategic goal that is difficult for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to give up. It represents a way out of many of his internal and external crises."

As for the American position on this, Al-Awam said that "the United States is well aware of this fact, but it cannot give Erdogan a part of its areas of influence east of the Euphrates River for free and with the specifications he wants. Hence, American procrastination in implementing the safe zone or security strip as Washington calls it. Not only is Erdogan exaggerating his terms on this region, but because Washington and Ankara disagree on several files, including the safe zone, linked directly and indirectly.

The United States wants a comprehensive settlement of its differences with Turkey, or at least a fairer and more complex approach, such as the Turkish-Russian relationship, but so far this has not happened.

The Syrian journalist tried to extrapolate what could happen, saying: "Erdogan may not wait long, especially after he failed to meet the US president in New York on the sidelines of recent UN meetings, but the implementation of the safe zone through Turkish forces or Syrian factions operating under it, will not be acceptable If they cross American red lines. "

"These lines are meant to push the Turks beyond some small empty enclaves on Syria's northern border east of the Euphrates, pockets of American and Kurdish forces. Progress in these enclaves may be made for Erdogan's propaganda purpose of the war on northern Syria," the journalist said. In the sense that he appears in front of the Turkish public as if he had promised and fulfilled his promise, in reality; however, did not achieve what he wants.

"Nevertheless, the fear of such Turkish advances lies, and should be taken seriously by the Kurds of northern Syria," he said. "These pockets, although small in size, will be a gateway to constant and escalating concern over time. To stop it or prevent its expansion to cities and regions of the north, so that the United States does not stand in the position of confrontation with the Turkish partner in NATO.



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