Al-Ali: We will put pressure to parties hinder of holding conference to unite Kurdish rank

Hussein al-Ali, they will work hard for sake to success the initiative of the Kurdistan National Congress to unify the Kurdish rank and put pressure on the parties that hinder this initiative 

Since the beginning of this year, Kurdistan National Conference has held meetings with Kurdish political parties and blocs. The meetings included a new decision to launch an initiative to unite the Kurdish class in Rojava, special committees were formed to communicate and discuss with the parties.

After several meetings, 28 blocs, organizations and parties joined the initiative, a decision was taken to hold a conference to unite the Kurdish ranks, but as before, some parties evaded this initiative.

In this regard, explained the member of the political bureau of the Leftist Kurdish party in Syria, Hussein al-Ali "Some of the Kurdish political figures and parties in Rojava refrained from this initiative."

Al-Ali considered the evasion of those parties and personalities "evidence of their association with foreign agendas, especially their association with the Turkish occupation state, which always aims to occupy our regions."

Al-Ali pointed out that during the meetings organized by the Kurdistan National Congress, the political parties stressed the need to unite the Kurdish rank in order to formulate a Kurdish policy and strategy that protects the gains of the people, and work to face all dangers and challenges.

"The fact that all parties have been contacted and more than 28 parties have been discussed, but unfortunately so far the Kurdish National Council parties have not responded to this committee as well as the Progressive Democratic Party, therefore they have to justify their position."

The National Council parties argued more than once that they did not join this initiative because their offices were closed, but in order to make this initiative successful, the committee visited them and allowed their offices to be opened. "But the National Council did not respond to the initiative committee because of not relying on themselves, they take their orders from abroad because the National Council is part of the coalition of the Turkish occupation state."

Al-Ali noted that Turkey is an occupying country, as it occupied Afrin, now trying to occupy the rest of the territories, "This calls for the union of the Kurdish position and the convening of this conference is an urgent necessity in order to deter the risks to the Kurds," he said.

Al-Ali stressed in the end that they are in the left-wing Kurdish party in Syria, "we will work hard to make this initiative a success in order to unite the Kurdish rank and put pressure on the forces that hinder this initiative, and say that anyone who hinders this initiative will not serve the Kurdish cause and the Kurdish people, but It serves the interests of the enemies of the Kurdish people."



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