Al-Abed: We documented ISIS participation to Turkish army its attacks on areas

Deputy co-chair Executive of the Executive Council, Hamdan al-Abed, revealed that they documented the names of ISIS mercenaries who participated the Turkish occupation army in its attacks on the region, and said that the practices of Turkish mercenaries are similar to the practices of ISIS.

 Al-Abed said that "Erdogan occupied safe areas, and killed and abandoned its safe people under false pretexts used to legitimize its occupation of the Syrian areas, and everyone knows what his army and mercenaries are doing in the areas occupied by Afrin, Jarablus and Serêkaniyê without the international community taking action on the crimes committed against the people of these areas. above".

He added: "It is no secret to the whole world of the documented violations against the people of these areas occupied, and the media portrayed more than a crime such as killing politicians and military and the mutilation of their corpse as they did when they killed the politician Hevrin Khalaf and martyr Amara."

Al-Abd pointed out that Turkey brought remnants of ISIS mercenaries who were defeated and fled in front of the SDF strikes. They are now fighting with their mercenaries, and they have been able to document the names of many of them in the area of GIRÊ SPî such as Faisal al-Bilu, al-Aqal and Abu Abdullah Turkmani.

During his talk, he revealed that there were many complaints from the people of GIRÊ SPî and Serêkaniyê, such as arrests, kidnapping for ransom and forced displacement from their homes under the pretext that it was a military area, after which they found their families in their homes.

Al-Abed went on to mention their crimes against the inhabitants by saying: "Mercenaries and in order to demographic change pursued by the Turkish state supporting them, the families of ISIS mercenaries who fled the Ain Issa camp in the homes of the inhabitants of Serêkaniyê who were forcibly displaced,

Hamdan pointed out that the people also complain about the lack of basic services such as electricity, water and bread, not to mention that all public utilities were out of service from schools, hospitals and medical clinics that were administered by the Autonomous Administration before the Turkish occupation of the region.

Hamdan al-Abed, deputy co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria, concluded by saying: "One of the complaints they received was also the existence of incidents similar to what ISIS mercenaries were doing. Turkish mercenaries of Turkey threaten the people and exert pressure on them to marry their daughters to mercenaries.''



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