Al-Abed called on Syrians refugees to return homeland

The co-chair of Gire Spi Canton (Tal Abyad) Hamid al-Abed called on the Syrian refugees based in Turkey to return to the homeland asserting that the region lives in a safe state and stability, warning the Syrians to not support Turkey and to not launch an attack against the people of the homeland. News

This came in an  interview conducted by ANHA, where he urged the Syrians to return to their homeland, stressing that the areas of northern and eastern Syria enjoy security and stability.

He stressed the need for the Syrian people to be aware of the reality of what is happening on the ground, and that the revolution served only the countries that have ambitions in Syria, such as Turkey and some other countries, while the Syrian people suffered so much till now.

"We urge our Syrians all over the world, especially in Turkey and in all our neighboring countries, to return, this is our land and we defended it and freed it from terrorism, and our areas are safe, '' Hamid al-Abed said.

He pointed to what has been achieved in Tal Abyad after its liberation from ISIS, saying "during four years after the liberation of Tel Abyad we have made remarkable progress in terms of security and stability, and other aspects of life, today we live with each other as brothers, Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen and Armenians, and the love, tolerance, and coexistence prevail among us."

He added: "We ask our Syrian people in Turkey to return, we see the extent of the threats of the Turkish occupation towards them and the deportations they are subjected to. We tell them this is your land and we are brothers. We do not accept what we see on the Turkish channels that you have been expelled from Turkey, you must return with your dignity."

Al-Abed concluded by warning that the Syrians could become war pawns in the hands of the Turkish state, "we say to you to not be a prey to others and do not come to your country on the back of a tank with a Turkish flag in your arms to fight your Syrian brother."



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