After Jarablous city…. Daesh existed in Afrin

After Jarablous city, Daesh mercenaries' flag has been seen in Afrin canton, occupied by Turkish occupation, where day after day irrefutable evidence is increasing to prove the presence of Daesh on these areas.

A source from the occupied Afrin said earlier that 30 Daesh mercenaries' elements entered Afrin from the side of Shia district on July 11 coming from Turkish territories.

Commenting on this, another source from Afrin said that a car roams in Afrin every day and has Daseh mercenaries flag. Hawar news agency (ANHA) received video recordings and photos showing Daesh flag on the cars to prove the presence Daesh in Afrin.

It is noteworthy that another source sent to Hawar news agency (ANHA) showing Daesh mercenaries' flag in Jarablous city, which means that the areas occupied by Turkey has become a hotbed of Daesh.





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