After Deir ez-Zor, the displaced from Manbij in al-Hol camp return to their homes

A new batch of displaced women and children left al-Hol camp, including 32 families from Manbij.

The batch that came out of the camp came within the framework of the response to the outputs of the clan forum held in Ain Issa previously, and included the children and women from the people of Manbij.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria was held in May 3, 2019, attended by more than 5,000 Sheikhs and tribal leaders throughout the north and east of Syria, in the Ain Issa area of ​​the Euphrates region.

 One of the outputs of the forum was the return of displaced Syrians in al-Hol camp of Al-Hasaka canton to their homes, who have nothing to do with mercenaries.

In response to the results of the clan forum, and after the tribal sheikhs provided guarantees, today, 32 families from al-Hol refugee camp returned to their homes in the city of Manbij, amounting to 126 people.

The exit procedures took place in the presence of representatives of the civil administration in Manbij and a number of elders and dignitaries of the tribes, after completing their identity papers and obtaining guarantees from the elders and dignitaries of the region, who will return them to their families and homes.


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