Afrin women: With resistance of hunger strikes, isolation to be lifted on Ocalan

Women from Afrin, whose families participated in the open hunger strike in the Turkish state prisons, indicated that they are in solidarity with the resistance of the hunger strikers until the isolation on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan is lifted.

The sit-in tent activities held by Kongra Star in Afrin continues to stand in solidarity with the resistance of hunger strikers in Turkish prisons, demanding to lift the isolation on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, which launched on April 10 under the slogan "Resistance of Hunger Strikers Is Sacred, All of Us Are Leyla and Nasir."

In this context, our agency, Hawar news (ANHA) met with women participating in the sit-in and the families of the detained in Turkish state prisons and the participants in the hunger strike in the prisons of the Turkish occupation.

The mother Leyla Khalil, the sister of the activist Hajar Khalil, who entered an open hunger strike on December 16 in solidarity with the parliamentarian Leyla Guven's demands, said: "Our organization of such activities in support of hunger strikers is a duty for all of us."

Leyla called on humanitarian and human rights organizations to hold the Turkish state accountable for ignoring the demands of the detainees despite their poor health and the martyrdom of a number of them.

Amina Othman, whose cousin was arrested and is now resisting in Turkish state prisons, said: "The resistance of the detainees is sacred, and their demands are legitimate. Therefore, the isolation on the leader Ocalan must be lifted and he must be released from Imrali prison."



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