​​​​​​​Afrin refugees decry Turkish occupation, it is responsible for this explosion

Afrin refugees who are staying in al-Shahba canton have decried the violations that committed by Turkish occupation in Afrin and al-Shahba regions, alluding the continuation of the criminal Ottoman approach.

On 28 April, Afrin city was exposed to huge explosion, the refugees accused Turkish occupation and its gangs in occurring the explosion, where Turkey is still ongoing to commit horrible practices such as, looting, kidnapping, killing and terrorist operations in occupied areas.

The people’s talk came in meetings conducted by Hawar news agency ANHA correspondent in Sardam camp in al-Shahba district where it met a number of the displaced, including Nadia Muhammed, who said that “the Turkish occupation has Ottoman roots, as it carries out all inhumane acts, such as the bombing it carried out recently in Afrin, and its false accusations of the People's Protection Units YPG to exonerate himself, and we condemn these actions on our land and our people. "

For his part, citizen Shaban Suleiman said, "In front of the entire world, we were expelled from Afrin as a result of the indiscriminate attack by the occupied Turkish state that gathered all mercenaries in Afrin canton, and despite the displacement of a large part of Afrin residents, the occupation still practices violations such as stealing, looting and kidnapping, killing to put pressure and expel the people in Afrin, to complete the process of demographic change and forced displacement.

In the same context, citizen Farhad Ali said, "The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are practicing a war against the people of Afrin under false pretexts to expand the scope of its occupation. Erdogan claims religion and Islam and carries out bombings during the days of Ramadan and kills civilians and children."

He appealed to the United Nations and human rights organizations to investigate the difficult conditions of the displaced by the fascist Turkish state.



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