Afrin people protest against division agreements of Syrian territory

Thousands of wives, mothers and children of the martyrs of Afrin have demonstrated today in front of the headquarters of the Russian Reconciliation Center in the village of Wahshiya in al-Shahba canton to denounce Russian stance towards the Turkish occupation efforts to divide Syria

Under the slogan, "No to the Turkish occupation, no to international silence, no to Russian silence." Today, thousands of wives, mothers and children of the Afrin martyrs demonstrated in al-Shahba canton, in front of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Aleppo's northern countryside, to protest the Russian stance towards Turkish occupation' violations within the Syrian territories especially Afrin.

Protesters carried bouquets of black roses to protest, saying "No to the Turkish occupation."

The demonstration launched from Berxwedan camp in al-Shahba where they chanted slogans, "No Turkish occupation, no international silence, no Russian silence." "The construction of the Turkish occupation posts in Afrin is a division of the territory of Syria," as well as slogans condemning international agreements on the fate of the Syrian people.

The protesters marched from the main street of Fafin to the Russian Reconciliation Center in the northern countryside of Aleppo in the village of Wahshiya in al-Shahba canton.

Upon arrival of the demonstrators at the Russian Reconciliation Center, a delegation representing the families of the martyrs went to the building of the Russian Reconciliation Center and placed a black wreath of roses with the words "No to the Turkish occupation" in front of the center expressing protest.

After a minute of silence, a member of the Social Justice Committee, Shazia Ibrahim, recalled the Turkish occupation attacks, which were approved by Russia resulting in the killing of hundreds of civilians, including children and women, and the displacement of more than 350 thousand civilians from their homes.

She denounced the Russian silence and the weakness of the Russian position on the excesses of the Turkish occupation in the Syrian territories, especially after it began to build a wall to draw its borders within the Syrian territory surrounding the city of Afrin occupied, and said: "enough to compromise the lives of innocent civilians, we want to return to our homes and to remove the occupiers from our land." Adding, "How did Russia allow the Turkish occupation to occupy Afrin, it must take them out and return civilians to their city." She also confirmed Afrin children's readiness to sacrifice their lives to liberate their city and all areas occupied by Turkey.

Then, member of the Martyrs Families Council delivered a speech, noting "The presence of Russian forces in the Syrian territory was based on ensuring the protection of the lands from the divisions, but what is happening now is the construction of a separation wall between the villages of Sherawa, which Turkish occupation aims to isolate Afrin from Syrian territory" Stressing that they as martyrs families will not accept the division of their land, despite the delivery of three letters to the Russian forces by the people of Afrin to work to get Turkey out of Afrin.

"Russia should be ashamed of its martyrs, who resisted in Stalin Grad against Hitler's oppression," said a member of the families of the martyrs, Hassan Ali, who said that as martyrs to the martyrs they would not accept the division of Syrian territory by any of the international bodies. They would resist even the liberation of their city. The people of the city of Afrin will resist and fight against Turkey until victory is achieved. "

In turn, the co-chair al-Shahba canton Wafa Mustafa condemned the violations and abuses of the Turkish occupation in the Syrian territories, from the areas of al-Shahba and Afrin, demanding the regional and Syrian authorities to determine their position on the Turkish occupation of Syrian territory.

After the words, the representative of the Russian Reconciliation Center in the northern countryside of Aleppo promised to deliver the message to the Russian leaders.

It should be noted that this is the third time that the people of Afrin and al-Shahba send their message to the Russian forces in al-Shahba- the northern countryside of Aleppo - demanding that Turkey be removed from the Syrian territory.

The protest ended with slogans that demanded the occupiers leave their land and assuring on return to Afrin.



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