Afrin, al-Shahba people demonstrated against Turkish occupation's attacks

The people of Afrin and al-Shahba cantons demonstrated rejecting the attacks of the Turkish occupation on north and east Syria, and they confirmed to continue the struggle till victory would be achieved.

The Kongra Star of Afrin organized a demonstration against the Turkish occupation attacks on north and east Syria, and hundreds of displaced people of Afrin and the people of al-Shahba canton participated in the demonstration.

The demonstrators gathered on the main road in Ahdath district, carrying flags of Kongra Star, Young Women Union and the Syrian Democratic Forces, the pictures of the martyr Hevrin Khalaf, and banners with "Killing women aims to kill humanity", "No to fascism and Erdogan's occupation" written on.

The demonstrators headed towards the square of Ahdath district, and after reaching it, the demonstrators, who chanted during the demonstrations slogans rejecting the Turkish occupation attacks on northern and eastern Syria and saluting the Resistance of Dignity, stood.

Moreover, speeches were given by the administrative member of Kongra Star of Afrin Amina Dinkley, the administrator of the Young Women Union of al-Shahba Zahra Kalo, and on behalf of Afrin Youth Union Avin Bilal.

The words saluted the resistance of the people of northern and eastern Syria and the resistance of the Syrian Democratic Forces despite the Turkish occupation using various internationally prohibited weapons against them.

The words condemned the crime committed by Turkey and its mercenaries targeting the General Secretary of the Future Syria Party, Hevrin Khalaf.

The words called on all components to stand together against the Turkish occupation to expel it from the pure land that was watered with the martyrs' blood, and renewed the covenant to continue the struggle until victory would be achieved.


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