Idlib, located in northwestern of Syria, is witnessing clashes between the mercenaries of Hayet Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhet al-Nusra) and the mercenaries of Nour al-Din al-Zenki, and the Syrian regime in sync with the clashes and fighting in Idlib started to launch air strikes on areas in Idlib despite the existence of military bases of the Turkish occupation in all areas of Idlib.

In an interview with the deputy commander-in-chief of Jaish al-Thuwar, Ahmed al-Sultan, "Abu Arraj" with ANHA agency, he said that clashes have erupted since last August between the mercenaries of Jabhet al-Nusra and the Movement of Nour al-Din al-Zenki, and they resulted in controlling the mercenaries of Hayet Tahrir al-Sham all sites that were under the control of Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement, and al-Zenki commanders fled towards the north, while there was no presence for them in the western countryside of Aleppo.

Abu Arraj said that the mercenaries of Hayet Tahrir al-Sham controlled the area and took over all the points of concentration of the mercenaries of the Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement in addition to their vehicles and equipment including their prisons, where hundreds of abductees are held, mostly civilians.

Abu Araj explained that as a result, the fighting spread from the western countryside of Aleppo to the southern countryside of Idlib, reaching the village of Maaret al-Numan al-Sharqi, Gerjnaz town and al-Bassamis town to the vicinity of Sarqeb town. The mercenaries of Hayet Tahrir al-Sham also entered al-Atarb city.

Abu Arraj said that the clashes that took place in those areas left mainly innocent civilians as victims and resulted in killing elements of both sides, the number of the mercenaries killed estimated 150.

Abu Arraj said that the first beneficiary of this fighting is the Syrian regime and who prepared the ground for the mercenaries of Hayet Tahrir al-Sham is Turkey, referring to Turkey's goal of handing over Idlib to the Syrian regime through the hegemony of the mercenaries of Jabhet al-Nusra.

Beyond fighting

Abu Arraj pointed to the unknown fate that is waiting for the displaced people of al-Ghouta and the people of Homs, Daraa and Hama who went to the city of Idlib. In case the Syrian regime directed its war to the city of Idlib, where Idlib's people and the displaced people will go? Turkey may close its borders completely and prevent the wounded from entering.

Abu Arraj concluded by classifying the mercenary factions called the Euphrates Shield and the Olive Branch as the military wing of the Justice and Development Party. Turkey handed over 60% to the Syrian regime and will not hesitate to hand over Idlib and other areas under a Russian umbrella.