Abdi: We discuss collaboration with Syrian's regime to confront Turkey

The commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said that monitoring ISIS prisoners is now a second priority for them in the face of Turkish threats. He stressed that one of their options is to partner with the Syrian regime to counter the Turkish attacks.

NBC News conducted a meeting with the –in -Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, about the Turkish threats, the US decision to withdraw and the danger of ISIS mercenaries. Abdi said his fighter had moved o the border ahead of an expected attack by the Turks.

The station quoted Abdi as saying: "The SDF fighters in charge of guarding thousands of ISIS prisoners are rushing to the border before an expected attack by Turkish forces."

"Monitoring ISIS prisoners imprisoned in Syria is a 'second priority' now that the United States has paved the way for a Turkish attack that is likely to target our forces along the border," Abdi said.

The Commander-in-Chief of the SDF confirmed to NBC News: " this is very big problem, no body helped us in this regard."

About 12, 000 ISIS detainees are being held in detention centers by SDF during their operations in north and east of Syria. According to Mazloum Abdi and Pentagon officials, "Of the 12,000 people, 2,000 are foreign mercenaries, and the remaining 10,000 are Iraqis and Syrians."

Mazloum Abdi said the fighters who had previously been charged with securing detention facilities were now flocking to the border in preparation for a battle with the Turkish army.

Mazloum Abdi's speech came a few hours after the Trump administration announced that Turkey would soon launch an attack on northern and eastern Syria and the United States would not intervene and withdraw from the region, leaving the SDF, which had cooperated with it for several years, to fight Turkey alone.

"Frankly, this makes us disappointed," Abdi said. "The decision harms Syrian trust in the United States and the credibility of the United States."

Erdogan sees all Kurds as terrorists "threatening the stability of his country."

As a result, US military officials urged the White House not to abandon Syrian Kurds under pressure from Turkey.

Abdi said the decision would surely cost the lives of fighters who fought alongside US soldiers in conquering ISIS.

"They are now considering partnering with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to fight Turkish forces," Mazloum Abdi said. "This is one of the options we have on the table."

Abdi called on the American people to put pressure on Trump to help. "People who have fought with you against international terrorism and against ISIS are now at risk and facing a major battle on their own," he said.





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