Abbas: KDP moves threaten efforts for Kurdish unity

Muhammad Abbas called on the Kurdistan Democratic Party to explain the reasons for bringing in its forces on the border strip and asked: "Are you directing your weapons at us, or is there a danger threatening the Kurdistan Democratic Party, is there a threat to the Kurdish presence?" He stressed that this step threatens the efforts of the Kurdish unity.

The Secretary-General of the Kurdistan National Assembly, Muhammad Abbas, linked the KDP's trenches and barricades along the border strip between Rojava and Başur of Kurdistan, with Nechirvan Barzani-Erdogan meeting in Turkey and he said, “The relations are so strong between Erdogan and the KDP.”

On September 4, Nechirvan Barzani visited Turkey, and met with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. After the visit, Davutoglu stated that they had agreed on the issue of the PKK.

Abbas noted: “If we ask the KDP about trenches and barricades, it will answer as a security issue. Let's assume that is an argument, but we must also know why you direct your weapons at us. Is there a threat to the KDP or Kurdish presence, or what?

Abbas said: “In the event that the KDP does not consider us their brothers, let us assume that we are two neighboring countries, according to international norms.

Abbas affirmed that it is the right of the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces to form a delegation to communicate with the Kurdistan Democratic Party and inquire the latest moves. He said: “Bringing in forces needs to be studied and approved by both sides ".

These moves threaten the efforts of the Kurdish unity

Abbas stressed the need for the Kurdistan Democratic Party to move away from practices , and said: "Such a step will cost the Democratic Party a lot, and it must clarify the reasons as soon as possible, because we do not accept such practices."

He confirmed that this move threatens the efforts of the Kurdish unity not only in Rojava, but also on the Kurdish and international levels.

Abbas said: “Any move that the Kurdistan Democratic Party takes,Erdogan is involved in it.” Barzani called for non-cooperation with Erdogan.



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