AA: We are ready for any trend serves dialogue

The Autonomous Administration (AA) of North and East Syria confirmed that they had remained committed to dialogue and  they were ready for any approach that would serve Syria and its people and ensure a democratic future.

The AA issued a written statement on the statements of the Russian Foreign Ministry regarding the position of the AA to participate in the political dialogue on Syria. The statement assured that the AA confirmed that the dialogue was a main principle for it. 

The statement included,

 “We followed the statements made by the Russian Foreign Ministry gentlemen on matters related to dialogue and solution in Syria, especially regarding the role and position of the AA of North and East Syria and the speech of Mr. Sergey Lavrov during the Paris II Peace Forum on Tuesday, November 12, that the AA should be consistent in its positions in order to participate in the political dialogue about Syria, and to say that there is a retreat from negotiations with the Syrian regime after the announcement of America to keep its forces in the region.

It is known and clear that the AA has been and still continues to emphasize that dialogue is a fundamental principle, and it has begun to translate this principle in practice at all levels, and the Russian Federation State is aware of all these details, and it has been handed over a solution map since some time, reflecting the positions and persistence and also the AA determination on the need for a solution and dialogue within the Syrian national framework.

We in the AA of North and East Syria emphasize that there are efforts for political dialogue, but so far at any level has not been shown, and what is currently in place is only related to the military aspect. As well, the success of any dialogue process depends on two basic aspects; the first is the seriousness of the positions on the one hand, and the second is the role and efforts of the active and important forces in Syria, especially Russia.

We continue to believe in dialogue and are ready for any approach that serves Syria and its people and ensures a democratic future. We always await practical steps from the other side.

We also affirm that this principle is consistent and is not affected by the positions and developments that occur on the ground, and the presence and return of America is subject to a set of international factors and calculations. This is never included in our pursuit and efforts towards dialogue, as this choice stems from our keenness, our national responsibilities and the decision of our people.

Such positions need to be supported and developed by the countries that are keen on dialogue in Syria. We need at this stage to support the Syrian dialogue and consensus so that this does not allow to drag things in Syria towards conflict, internal strife and the development of partition projects. Furthermore, the organized return of terrorism by Turkey and its mercenaries, who are striving to shed Syrian blood and destroy villages and property in order to implement schemes, is in the interest of those who want to destroy Syria and kill and displace its people.”


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